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Want to customize MSN Messneger 6? - Here you can find lots of lovely new emoticons, display pictures and backgrounds to download.  And if you don't want to customize messenger, there are some other completely random downloads to be found a little further down the page (don't miss the music!)...

NEW! - MSN Messenger 6 Downloads...
Emoticon Pack 1 Some of the emoticons Display Picture Pack 1 Some of the Display Pictures
Random collection of 7 emoticons including Guernsey flags, Rageh Omar and more! Eight random display pictures including some special away and busy pictures!
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Background Pack 1 Some of the Backgrounds More... More at Mess.be
Four Guernsey and MartelNet backgrounds for chat windows! Find loads more stuff for Messenger at Mess.be...
Click to Download (275 KB) Go to Mess.be

If you have made any emoticons, display pictures or backgrounds for messenger, upload them to MartelNet and if we like them we will make them available for download here!

Ander Can't Play a Penny Whistle Tio Pepi
Find out why, and make sure you don't miss the end! Sound They don't want me! Sound
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We Ate At Cheffo's The Eyebrow Song
Remember the good old days at Cheffo's Sound The famous song of the infamous eyebrow incident, poor Matt! Sound
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The above music is copyright © 2023 MartelNet and The Scooby Gang.  All rights reserved.  This music may NOT be copied, broadcast or redistributed in any form without the prior permission of the copyright holders

Random Stuff...
Random Avatars Firefox Search Plugin
A selection of random avatars for use on any forum, as seen on MartelNet Forums in the random gallery. Includes Dick Van Dyke and David Dickinson! Some Random Avatars If you're a fan of the Firefox browser, and a fan of MartelNet why not get the best from both with this Guernsey Exposed Search Plugin. With this you can search Guernsey Exposed whenever you want from Firefox's search box. Firefox Search
Click to Download (Zipped, 84 KB) Click to Install
IE7/Opensearch Plugin More...
Not wanting to leave Internet Explorer users out, here is a Guernsey Exposed search plugin for the not even out yet IE7! It is Opensearch 1.1 compliant so it should work with other opensearch comptible programs too. Internet Explorer 7 Search That's all at the moment, new stuff may be added randomly. If you are looking for any inparticular try Google. Google
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