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12 March 2004 - 2:12Project RockstarRating: Rated 5 by 5 people
Project Rockstar

Project Rockstar
Think you could create and manage the greatest band ever? Well if you aren't big in the music industry you could always try Project Rockstar instead.

Project Rockstar is a web based game where you are a manager, with the powers to create and command bands in the way you see fit. You start off with £50,000 from which you can create your first band in whatever style you want. Providing you don't choose band members who are too expensive, you will soon be able to release a record and make a small profit.

The only way to really improve, if you can't afford the best band members is to practice, practice, practice. This, of course, isn't the most exciting thing to do as it can take some time. Each real day is one game week, and you can practice for up to 5 weeks as a time.

Once you are satisfied you are good enough, or even if you aren't, you can write and release a song, gig, and promote. You can see how popular your band is from it's chart position, and the number of people who come to gigs. You may also be able to get a recording contract, and eventually, if you make enough money, you can set up your own studio!

Occasionaly, events occur which will effect your band, and you may have to make a decision as to the best course of action. The effects of the wrong choice could be serious, but the right choice could be very rewarding!

Project Rockstar is a fun game to waste a few minutes each day, but you do need to be able to access it regularly. There islimited wap access to help with this, and a holiday mode to ensure things don't go wrong if you can't play. The only bad thing is you get a couple of popup ads when you first go to the site, but obviously some kind of popup blocker could fix that!
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1 November 2003 - 22:36Guess The TV Show or Movie NameRating: Rated 4.5 by 2 people
Guess The TV Show or Movie NameNot a very catchy name, and not a very pretty site, but that doesn't matter, because this site is really quite clever. It will play the classic 'yes/no' game with you and try to guess which movie or tv program you are thinking of, and it does a surprisingly good job.

Ok, if you change your mind halfway through, it probably won't get it, but that's cheating! But it can guess an impressive amount correctly. It can take a while, as it doesn't have the sense to ask enough generic questions at the start to really narrow down the field, and the majority of questions are submitted by users when the manage to beat the site, so they can be a little odd.

Picking well known american stuff obviously gives the site the best chance, but it seems to do quite well with english stuff too, and it can be quite hard to think of something obscure to beat it with. Have a go, and try not to waste to much time on it!
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21 February 2003 - 18:38Strong BadRating: Rated 5 by 5 people
Strong BadStrong Bad is sort of like one of those internet cartoons/animations made in flash, but what makes Strong Bad unique, apart from actually being interesting, is that it is based on the e-mails that Strong Bad gets.

Each week, another e-mail is replyed to in a new animation, potentially featuring all sorts of other strange characters, and general randomness! Make sure you have the sound on, and lots of patience if you are on dial up, then go watch as many as possible, I can't remember which ones are best now but the website one is classic!

Strong Bad is quite regularly updated, usually on Mondays, so go have a look, you could even send in a random e-mail or two! Oh and watch out for the little bonus features or easter eggs!
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4 November 2002 - 18:37b3taRating: Rated 4.5 by 2 people
b3taIf you're looking for a site to waste time on instead of getting on with work or doing anything more useful, this one could keep you busy for a long time!

B3TA is hard to describe, but it's main aim is cleary to keep people entertained by directing them to the best games, animations, videos, images and random sites on the net. B3TA also has it's own content, created mostly by users who post on the boards or take part in the weekly challenges. At the time of writing the last challenge was 'Cartoon Characters: Where are they now?' and gives you a good idea of the sort of stuff that goes on at B3TA.

The easiest way to find the good bits on B3TA is to look at their weekly newsletters which are available on the site, and check out the random images on the front page - they don't make to much sense but there's bound to be some funny ones!
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3 February 2002 - 18:45The Internet Archive (Wayback Machine)Rating: Rated 5 by 2 people
The Internet Archive (Wayback Machine)

The Internet Archive (Wayback Machine)
Have you ever wondered what MartelNet looked like in 2000 (pretty much exactly the same as now to be honest!) or what MSN was like way back in 1997? Well now you can go back in time and find out with The Internet Archive. The impressive aim of The Internet Archive is according to the site "to build an "Internet library," with the purpose of offering permanent access for researchers, historians, and scholars to historical collections that exist in digital format". So far they have over 100 terabytes archived, 1 terabyte is 1024 gigabytes, and considering DVDs are from 4.7 to 18GB that is certainly an impressive amount. But that is nowhere near the whole internet, for various reasons archiving the whole internet would be impossible, but it is impressively complete. For example MartelNet is in the archive, although it doesn't go back very far, also in the archive is Guernsey.net and some of the local sites that they hosted, such as spacey's old site.

The archive is not perfect, often missing out parts of sites, especially pictures, but its not surprising that bits are missing considering the enourmous scale of this project. Its fun to mess with and see how far the net has or hasn't advanced so go try it out!
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