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Welcome to SoundVisions™, here you can find out all about the latest music, what's cool on TV and the latest films!
Unfortunatly the world of music, Tv and films is ever changing and currently MartelNet is unable to provide up to date and interesting/useful information.  So for the moment we will simply point you towards the best websites for films, Tv and music!

DotMusic - A great uk music site with loadsa info, some samples and good discussion forums Amazon.co.uk - Sell's pretty much everything these days so you should find what you want!
Hit 40 UK - The UK top 40 singles and album charts with lots of extra features and short clips of most songs BillBoard - American music charts and much more!
BBC - AS you'd expect from the BBC this is a great and informative site, but then everyone has visited this site at some time so i dont need to tell you about it Radio Times - Very useful online version of the tv guide.
ITV - Personally I have hardly ever looked at this but im sure theres some good stuff on it somewhere! Channel 4 - I never think of visting this one but apparently its quite good, especially 4Chat!
Channel TV - Bound to be awful as almost everything from CTV is but if you've got nothing better to do you can go laugh at it! Digiguide - Alternative tv listing site, with mobile options.
IMDB UK - which is the memorable name for a great films site, with more details than you want, user reviews, trailers and loads more! JCWorld - Jackie Chan's UK fan club site, great for his latest news!
Mallard Cinema - Find out what films are on here in Guernsey's world class cinema! (or for a true big screen experience watch camp's tv!) Movie-List - Find the trailer to whatever film easily here, and see the sites own trailer awards!

So there you have it, and very nice too, but if theres any great sites you have found that you think should be here be sure to contact us, thanks!
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