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Here on the links page you can find other interesting websites to visit. Send me a link to you own site and I might include it if I like it.

Guernsey Sites
Friends Sites
Spacey's Place Spacey's old site with plenty interesting stuff, was still online last time I looked!
reelspacey's randomness ..and this is spacey's new site for more up to date content including his recent travelling!
The Campsite Camp's old site is still online apparantly, see it while you can!
Campsite Productions Camp's latest, hopefully he will put more stuff up soon!
Other Local Sites
Spidercrab.Net Guernsey's own search engine/directory - great for finding local sites!
This Is Guernsey The Guernsey Press' portal site for Guernsey news, information and more.
CWGSY.Net Our local telco's free isp, although it wasn't necessary, we can use the UK ones, but at least its 2p/min daytime instead of 3p/min!  There's meant to be some useful content here as well, and you might find some amusement in the local sites directory!
Guernsey.Net Not much to see here at the moment, but if you are looking for adsl in Guernsey this is an option.
Island FM Our local commercial radio station, you can listen over the net, send in requests and more!
Visit Guernsey A site that shows all the best pics and makes you really want to visit Guernsey (hopefully)!
States Of Guernsey More stats than we want to know, and far less straighforward info - its a government website!   You could find some useful stuff here if you try but its not exactly entertaining!
Thats plenty Guernsey but if you have any great, or even not so great Guernsey sites that you think should be included then contact us!
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