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When will tinny finally finish his house? Top as of 6th May 2003 - Calm down, have some fruit (when it's done) 75%
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What should Camp do while we are almost all at uni? Top as of 17th January 2003 - Take up knitting 50%
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What is the best beauty spot in Guernsey? 0% Town seafront, 0% Fermain, 24% L'ancresse, 65% ?a???'s house, 0% Cobo, 12% Elsewhere (of 17 respondents)
What is Leon wearing?
What is Leon wearing?
32% An expensive trench coat, 36% A dressing gown, 9% A bin bag!, 11% Nothing, 11% A delightfully colourful summer dress.  (of 44 respondents)
How are you? 24% Fine thanks, 6% Not bad, 6% Terrible, 65% Dead (of 17 respondents)
What do you like to eat best? 50% Chocolate, 20% Sweets, 0% Fruit, 0% Veg, 10% Chips, 20% Mud (of 10 respondents)
Would you like to see me in the Guernsey Exposed section of this site? 62% Yes, 38% No (of 21 respondents)
First ever question: Which site is better - Wardens (offline) or this one? 53% this one, 47% Wardens
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