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Halloween Film Nite Special!
On the night before haloween when twas cold and windy, a group of brave adventurers gathered inside a high quality shed in the deepest Forest to watch scary films and have a laugh, did they survive the night? Read on...

Ok, sorry about the appaling story style intro but it had to be done, anyway as you now know several of us went to Spacey's (Tom Finch if you didn't know) shed to watch fims etc. Those some of us were Dom, Tom, Spacey (obviously!), Matt and me! Tinny should also have been there, unfortunatly he was unable to attend due to last minute technical dificultys. Starting at 7:30pm and lasting till 1:30am we sat in that shed and watched fims such as Haloween, Haloween 2, The Faculty and Evil Dead 2, in between (and sometimes during) those films there was the normal mad activitys that are bound to occur when us lot are together on such a night.
Thanks to Spacey for the pictures you will see, which he captured from his video.
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