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More Information
Well there weren't many pictures so to find out a bit more about what happened you'd better read this!

What We Did
If you don't know, the events of the evening were this...We met at the shed, went to find a video (wanted Scream III, but got some thing about a large croc that was eating people!). We then watched the video, or tried to, at times it was difficult with Chris making some very dodgy comments at every opportunity (and eating far too much ice cream)! After that we spent some time discussing where we could go in silly costumes, during this time is when tinny first tried the monkey suit! As you can probably tell from the piccys we then went to Jackson's whilst camp went to get his costume, and then went on to town to scare people!

Town Stuff
Apart from walking across town in search of people several times some strange stuff happened. First (well second but im telling you about it first) some people stopped us in the Pollet to ask for directions to Folleys, quite why they chose to stop a monkey etc we don't know, and we also couldn't remember where Folleys was!
Then there was the man who tried to steal one of Martin's ears, Martin dealt with him a short while later by going into Lloyds TSB where the man was getting some money and grabbing him! He then jumped out and ran half way down the Pollet, whilst me and camp looked on, not quite sure what was going on!
At some point we went in search of Matt at his 'local', The Yacht, but we didn't see him, we also had a look at Pizza Express which looked rather posh and was closed!
The final town thing was Tinny's trip to the rib shack to buy some chips which no-one likes and which he threw away pretty soon after!
So that was town, and after that we decided that was enough madness for one night and went home (just in time as it started raining even harder than it did when we were in town, making the journey home somewhat more interesting then anticipated!)
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