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User Survey 2002
To help improve MartelNet please a few minutes to fill in this quick survey.
The results from this survey will be used in future to improve the design and content of MartelNet so your views are important!
1How did you first find MartelNet?

2On average, how often do you visit MartelNet?
At least once a weekSeveral times a monthUsually every monthLess oftenFirst visit

3How would you rate the content of MartelNet overall?

4What are your favourite parts (pages or sections) of MartelNet?

5What parts of MartelNet do you dislike, or feel are not suitable content for MartelNet?

6What new content would you like to see on MartelNet and how would you improve existing content?

7How would you rate the appearance of MartelNet?

8How would you rate the ease of use of MartelNet?

9How would you rate the usability of MartelNet on the computer(s) you use to view it? (Does the layout appear correctly, do all pages work as expected etc)

10Does the MartelNet site need a new design?

11How different should a new design be from the current design? (1 is most different .. 5 is minor changes only)

12What is bad about the current design of MartelNet?

13What is good about the current design of MartelNet?

14How useful is the Quicknav bar on the left? (1 is very useful .. 5 is not useful)

15How would you rate the average load time for MartelNet?

16What websites do you think have good designs and are easy to use (please include addresses)?

17Please give any other comments or suggestions below...

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